Coming Together (The Temp, Part 7)

Melissa finally gets what's coming to her. What she's been craving all week long.


Count Down (The Temp. Part 6)

Melissa is literally counting down the hours until she gets to have James in her bed.

In the Bedroom (Soul Mate, Part 3)

Sexy Things are happening today! The butterflies in my stomach took off as we neared the hotel. Of course I’d insisted on waiting until our wedding night before we consumated things. That wasn’t terribly difficult, of course, when we’d only ha d to wait 48 hours. You put the car in park and I felt... Continue Reading →

I Do: Soul Mate (Part Two)

Pixabay   Today's freewrite was a three prompt weekend freewrite thanks to @mariannewest and I managed to carry on the story from yesterday with a whirlwind wedding and a gassy preacher 🙂 I had barely stepped out of the church when I felt the first drop on my head. I looked up at the dark clouds overhead and yet... Continue Reading →

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