She’s on Top

Reader’s Discretion Advised: Adult Themes, bondage, light BDSM 


This is my Weekend Freewrite Where I write with three different prompts for five minutes each. Each prompt starts the next part of the story and is a surprise to me. It is a fantastic writing exercise and I highly recommend it!

I went over the five minutes on the last part so that I could finish properly.

From time out of mind, Marjorie had led the fight for an alcohol-free county. Not one person could convince her that alcohol wasn’t the death of humanity. She was so completely against drinking alcohol that she wouldn’t even allow people to bring their own drinks to her parties. Now weed, that was a different issue entirely.

Marjorie loved weed. Just a little, not enough to get completely blazed, but just a few edibles to snack on before a big play party, that was the way to go. Marjorie believed in the power of her particular blend of weed that she offered a cookie to everyone who came to her parties. Everyone was aware of the ‘special’ nature of her cookies, of course. She wasn’t about surprising people.

You see, Marjorie had been growing and cultivating her own strains of weed for years. Well before it was legal. She’d found the perfect combination that lowered people’s inhibitions while at the same time intensifying their sexual responsiveness.

That’s right. When you had one of Marjorie’s cookies, you knew damn well that you were going to have a sexual awakening. Those things that you normally enjoyed would be off the charts. Instead of a good orgasm, you’d feel like you’d just had a completely surreal, out of body experience that lasted for a good long while and one that you wouldn’t forget anytime soon.

In addition to that, you were pretty much guaranteed to lose any shyness you’d had about trying that new scene or that new toy you’d always wished you could play with.

And yet the cookies didn’t mess with your mind in a way that caused dangerous situations. Even for the Tops or the Dominants, it just made them think more clearly, made them more connected and emotionally aware of their scene partner. It created the most magical scene play ever. People always left the parties feeling like they had discovered a whole new universe. People would be flying high. Not from the cookies, mind you. There wasn’t enough in them to make people high. No, it was more about the experience after the cookie.

Because what does that word mean then, fly? Well, in this case, it was the high flying feeling that came with a really great scene. Something that often seemed to take just the right circumstances and just the right amount of the perfect play scenario. With Marjorie’s special cookies and amazing dungeon, everyone had the experience of feeling like they could fly.

Kate was the first to play this night. It was a typical party and most of the players were the regulars. Everyone knew everyone else and it was a comfortable night. On this particular evening, though, Kate really wanted to try something new. She’d been speaking about it with her Dom for months. She’d finally found a partner she wanted to paly with and things had been arranged.

Kate was going to finally get her chance to be the Top in a scene. She wasn’t exactly in full out Domme mode, not yet. She just wanted to try being the one doing the spanking, the giver instead of the receiver. She desperately wanted to know what it was like to cause the intense pain and pleasure that she so enjoyed. She wanted to give that gift to someone else.

Erica had agreed to be her partner. She hadn’t had a lot of experience yet, because she hadn’t found anyone that she was comfortable playing with until now.

They’d worked out the safe word, the scene, the type of play the week before in their online chats. Kate’s Dom was on hand, because she wanted him there to oversee and jsut be a source of support. Everyone was aware that something new was going down and there was an air of anticipation that was new this time. Senses heightened, pulses racing, everyone was ready.

Kate brought Erica down to the dungeon to introduce her to everyone. She was from out of town, so no one really knew her in person, but she fit right in.

Kate had left Erica in her bra and panties before cuffing her to the big X on the far side of the room. She could feel Erica trembling as she ran her hand up her arm to attach first one cuff and then the other. Kate was nearly trembling with need herself, just knowing what Erica was feeling right now along with the anticipation of what she was soon going to do to her.

She slid Erica’s feet apart and cuffed her ankles to the bottom of the X and let her fingers trail up Erica’s legs with an agonizing slowness that she knew would drive her wild. She let her fingers linger just for a moment between Erica’s legs, letting out a sound of appreciation at the dampness she found there.

She stepped back and took the flogger from her Dom just then and laid the first strike across Erica’s nearly bare ass. The scream was loud and Kate jumped. She’d hit too hard for the first strike. She shook her head, angry at herself for getting too excited, too intense right off the bat.

Her Dom put his hand on her arm and gave her a reassuring look that calmed her clear down to her bones. SHe smiled at him before turning back to Erica. She ran her hand along Erica’s ass, comforting her, caressing her until Erica’s breathing calmed. Then she started the rhythmic strikes of the flogger. She used everything she had to keep the pace steady, going for the exact thing she always wanted when she was the one restrained.

Kate started on her calves, bringing the flogger down over and over as she gradually moved upward. Not too light, not too hard. She felt the weight of the flogger, heavy in her hand, the thrum of the beat resonating up her arm as she covered Erica’s body from her feet to her shoulders.

Erica moaned, a deep, soul crushing moan of pain and pleasure intermingled. Kate recognized the sound from her own experiences and knew it was time to take things up a notch. She focused on Erica’s ass that was now a nice shade of pink. She brought the flogger down with more force this time. The sound changing with the increase in pressure. A cry escaped from Erica as the sting of the flogger grew more intense.

Kate felt a pulsing deep within as the tool in her hand connected with the flesh before her. She felt more than heard the cries of the woman bound in front of her, the pitch increasing, the strength in her arm flowing to bring the flogger down harder, the flesh turning red, welts appearing.

A moan escaped her mouth as she realized that Erica’s cries had changed yet again, She was begging, in need. Kate brought the flogger down in a caress, running it along Erica’s tender skin. She moved closer, her breath in the restrained woman’s ear, “Are you ready, my pet?” Her voice was barely a whisper. Words spoken for just the two of them.

“YES!” She cried.

Her Dom handed her a different tool. Kate continued the caress with the many tendrils of the new, soft flogger in her hand. Her free hand slid over the raw flesh of Erica’s ass, sliding, dipping between her legs, bringing her to the edge.

She could feel the muscles of Erica’s legs tensing as she came closer to her release, pressing against her hand. She moved her fingers, sliding the flimsy thong to the side and delving in the wetness there.

Her cries intensified, Kate’s fingers continued their repetitive motion, bringing her closer and closer. The woman’s legs were trembling so hard she would have fallen if she hadn’t been held up by the restraints.

Kate leaned in once again, running her tongue along Erica’s ear before saying, “Come for me, my pet.”

And with cries of absolute stunning intensity, she did.


Cover Photo from Pixabay

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