Coming Together (The Temp, Part 7)

Melissa has found a job she loves and James Hallaron is the boss that she’s falling for… hard. Thing is, the job is temporary and she doesn’t want to fall in love. Ever. If you’d like, you can start at the beginning of the story here in Part One


I checked my watch again. Six and a half hours. My skin nearly tingled at the thought of his touch. I licked my lips at the thought of his mouth on mine again. I felt a slow burn start between my legs and clenched my thighs together at the thought of having him in just a few hours.
As long as he promised to stick to the ‘no strings attached’ rule, this was going to be my best adventure yet!
“What if he doesn’t?’ I hushed that inner voice and got to work. 6 hours, twenty minutes.

Sharon picked up lunch for both of us without telling me ahead of time. I was surprised when she stopped by my desk with take out.

“I know, you don’t take lunch breaks, but you can stop and eat with one hand while you work, right?” The food smelled Heavenly, so I had to pause long enough to join her for some food. I didn’t want her to feel bad after all. I wasn’t heartless! “You know, I’ve never seen a temp work as hard as you do. You’re putting the rest of us to shame!” She laughed and I blushed.

“Well, I am just really enjoying the work.” I said, taking another small bite of the sushi from the plate. “I never expected to actually enjoy the work, but there is just something soothing here. The work is nice, the environment is great…” my voice trailed off. I was gushing. How embarrassing.

“And the coworkers, they’re pretty awesome, too. Right?” She laughed again. I’d never met anyone as joyful as Sharon. She just seemed to smile about everything. It was odd.

I grinned back at her, I couldn’t help it. That smile was contagious, “Right, the coworkers. I suppose they’re all right.”

We had a quick, but enjoyable lunch break together and then she headed back to work. I managed to only check my watch every thirty minutes until 5:00 came. Time to clock out and move on from this job. The other people in the office actually stopped by my desk to say good-bye. This place was just weird. Nice, but definitely weird.

I stepped in the elevator with a few other people and just as the doors were closing, James stepped inside. He worked his way to the back of the elevator and stood right next to me. I could hear my heartbeat thumping in my ears. In just a couple of hours, he would be at my place and soon after we would hopefully be naked. ‘I bet he looks downright delicious when he’s naked’ said my inner voice. I blushed as if he could hear my thoughts and he smiled at me as if he had. I blushed even more.

We rode to the bottom floor and he gestured for me to go first. We acted like nothing more than coworkers, walking to our cars. I didn’t notice that he was following me to mine until I looked around and realized that everyone else was already gone.

“You don’t have to walk me to my car,” I said, still feeling a little embarrassed about the elevator ride and my own silly thoughts.

“But then how would I get directions to your place?” He said. The lights flashed as I hit the key fob and unlocked my doors. He opened the door for me like the gentleman he was and I thanked him as I got in.

“I’ll text you my address.” I said.

He leaned down and left a quick, sweet kiss on my lips, “All right. When would you like me to be there? Should I bring anything?”
“Give me an hour.” I said. I wasn’t in the mood to wait too long, but I definitely needed a shower and I needed to shift out of work mode.

“Are you sure you don’t want to stop for something to eat first? It doesn’t have to be fancy. I am just thinking that we might want the extra energy.” He gave me that sexy smile of his.

“Bring some food,” I agreed. “I might rev up your appetite, but trust me, you aren’t going to want to go anywhere.” I gave him my flirtiest smile and drove away before he could give me any more arguments or talk me into a ‘real’ date. I smiled all the way home, thinking about the night ahead.

I got home, had a shower and slipped into the sexiest thing I had. A nice set of lingerie that I hadn’t pulled out for anyone yet and my favorite silk robe. I knew that the feel of it would drive him wild and the sexy outfit underneath made me look phenomenal.

The doorbell rang a few minutes earlier than I expected and my heart was thumping in my chest. I was actually nervous and that was strange for me. I took a deep breath and opened the door, striking my best ‘casual’ sexy pose. He was holding two bags of groceries and had just opened his mouth to say something when he really looked at me. It looked like he forgot how to speak.

My smile grew wider as he stood there looking stunned. ‘We still got it!’ my inner voice gave me a mental high five and cheered.

I reached out to take one of the grocery bags and James finally spoke, “Wow. You look stunning.” He said, while his eyes slowly scanned me from head to toe. He looked as if he were storing the visual in his long term memory banks and he wanted to make sure he didn’t miss a thing. I took one of the bags and led him to the kitchen, being sure to focus on my sexy walk, since I was pretty damn sure his eyes were practically glued to my ass.

I set the bag down and spun back to face him. Sure enough, his eyes were focused just below my waist. I tried not to laugh as he realized what he was doing and tried to bring his attention back up to my face. It didn’t seem to phase him at all, if anything the fact that I noticed just seemed to make the situation even hotter.

He was wearing a black T-shirt and jeans that looked so worn and soft, they practically cried out to be touched. I did just that. I walked right up and pressed myself against him. Sliding my arms around his waist, I let my hands slip down to his ass as I pulled him close for a kiss. He was giving me a strange look, as if he thought he could figure me out, but I just ignored it. I was enjoying the feel of his body without all of the stuffy business clothes. Enjoying it a lot.

I slid my hands up his back, feeling the strength in him as he finally gave in, bringing one hand around my waist and another behind my head. He pulled me in for a kiss, but instead of the jaw dropping passion, he planted quick, sweet kisses instead. He lightly kissed me, then tilted my head just a little so he could access my neck. Dear god, he was going to find my sweet spot right out of the gate.

He nibbled on my ear and made a light moaning sound as his hand cupped my ass, pulling me up against him. His tongue trailed down my neck, making me groan and cling to him. His mouth explored, tasting my neck, running along my collar bones. His hand came up and slid right along the edge of the opening of my robe. His fingers barely touched me, but somehow it was more intense than if he’d thrown me on the couch and taken me right there. The odd connection between us was even more undeniable now. I marvelled at the fact that he could evoke so much heat in me with just his kisses.

I leaned into him, but he just kept up his slow, teasing assault. His mouth followed his hand as he slowly spread open my robe a little further. He ran his fingers lightly along the edge of my lacy bra and he pulled back to have a look.

My robe was open all the way at this point, my sexy little lingerie all there for his inspection. He groaned as he looked his fill and then his eyes met mine again. I’ve never seen so much heat in someone’s look before. He came in for another kiss, this time giving me that earth shattering passion as his lips locked on mine. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him even closer. It felt like there was some sort of electricity sparking between us. Building ever second, wrapping around us and pulling us tighter together in some indescribable way. It was heady and terrifying but so so satisfying.


He was still kissing me when he picked me up and headed for the hallway. I pulled away long enough to say, “The door on the left” and then I was lost in him again until I felt my feet landing softly on the carpet.

He was standing there looking at me like I was a piece of art in a museum. I felt almost embarrassed from his attention. I wasn’t used to this slow build up or being stared at like I was a feast. He all but licked his lips as I watched him step out of his shoes and come back to me. He slid the robe off of my shoulders and I felt the whisp of it slide past my hips to the floor.

I reached over and slid his T-shirt up over his head. ‘Good lord, he looks even better without it’ I thought. My inner voice was apparently very happy. I reached for the button on his jeans, but he stopped me.

“Hold on, let me look at you for a bit,” His hand stilled over mine and I dropped my hands to my sides. He reached out and trailed his hand across my collar bone, down the slope of my breast, along the edge of my bra. My nipples hardened, pressing against the fabric as if they were calling to him for more.

He smiled, his gaze following his fingers as they trailed down to the top of my underwear. He let his fingers graze the sensitive skin along the top edge until I moaned from the frustration. I wanted him NOW.

I reached out for the button on his jeans again, but he stopped me with just a look. I can’t explain it, but I just knew he wasn’t ready for that yet.

This was so unlike anything I’d ever experienced before. His touch was light, and yet so hard, so full of intensity. Barely restrained passion sparked through his fingertips to my skin. I shivered as he stepped closer, running his hands along my panties, behind me and pressing on that oh so sensitive spot on my lower back. I moaned and my knees felt weak. I was a little embarrassed at my behavior. It was odd to be at the mercy of his full attention. He wasn’t missing a thing, taking me for himself, inch by agonizing inch. My body throbbed deep down as my need grew.

I felt his fingers slip under the edge of my underwear and start to slide them down my hips. His fingers followed them all the way to the floor and then trailed slowly back up, gathering the energy between us until he reached my thighs. His hands lightly skimmed the flesh of my inner thighs, driving me mad with need. I was trembling under his touch until he pressed me back onto the bed.

I sat on the edge of the bed and he knelt between my legs, spreading them wide with the gentle pressure of his hands. He kissed the skin on one side and then the other, inhaling my scent and making me nearly cry out for him to take me.

His mouth found me, his tongue circling my clit and I fell back on the bed, my hand going straight to his head, tangling in his hair as I shook with the pleasure his mouth was bringing me. My entire body felt like every nerve ending was honing in between my legs, the pulsing feeling was getting stronger, more focused, more intense.

I felt his finger slide inside of me. Felt his deep moan against me as he discovered just how wet and ready I was. I felt my body tense, I was on the edge, so ready. I had a sudden moment of need, I wanted him inside of me. Now.

I tugged on his hair, then his shoulders, pulling him up, “Please,” I gasped. “Please! Inside me!” I knew I sounded somewhat incoherent, but I didn’t care. I saw him fumble with his jeans and heard them fall to the floor. I saw him open the condom and place it on just before he met my eyes. I couldn’t look away if I had wanted to.

It seemed like it was barely a second before I felt the heat of him against my shaking thighs. I cried out, clutching at his hips just as he thrust deep inside of me.

The orgasm I had been holding back hit me like a freight train. My mind joined my body in the overwhelming pleasure coursing through me. I think I was crying out, then. Maybe I was screaming. I don’t even know. It was like an entirely new experience. Once again I had the thought that there was some sort of energy tying us together, wrapping around us, stitching us into one being. It was exhilarating and terrifying. I didn’t know quite how to feel about it, but since I had no space for thinking, it didn’t really matter. I was too absorbed in the overwhelming feelings of it all.

I wrapped my legs around him, pulling him deeper each time as he thrust over and over. He felt so perfect, fit so well, I revelled in the feeling of ‘rightness’ as our bodies came together in a daze of passion and fire.

He grabbed my thighs, my legs going over his shoulders as he increased his pace, pounding deep inside of me until I heard him groan and felt him pulsing inside of me.

He let my legs down and I wrapped them around him once again as his head rested on my chest. I ran my fingers through his hair and tried as hard as I could to figure out what in the hell had just happened. I couldn’t begin to explain it, but there was something so different, so very significant between the two of us. I felt like we were bonded together.

I’m not ashamed to admit that the idea thrilled me on some deep, primal level. But on the surface? On my regular old human level? I was terrified. This whole thing had shaken me to my core. I hadn’t planned on this.

Want to read more about Melissa and James?


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  1. So well written… Really love the way you let the story build slowly over these 7 different parts. I’ve loved every single tantalizing word. 😉


    1. Thank you so much! It was a fun ride and I have fallen in love with these characters, so I am thinking about fleshing this story out to a full length book. It has been really cool to watch this develop into far more than I expected. Thank you for the comment!

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