The Temp (Part One)

I turned. Mr Hallaron walked over. He’d put his hat on and was pulling a pack of cigarettes out of his pocket. Mmm, he was hot as fuck. I couldn’t stand smoking, though. That habit was going to have to go. Still, I shot him my biggest smile and he seemed to paused midstep. He smiled back, his cigarettes forgotten in his hand.

“Well, hello there,” He paused. I smiled wider, offering my hand. I knew he wouldn’t have a clue what my name was. I’d just been hired as a temp for his office.

“Hi, Mr. Hallaron, right? I’m Melissa.” He slid the pack of cigarettes back in his pocket and we shook hands and I’m not sure if he felt the spark as much as I did. I felt it like a shot of adrenaline straight between my legs. Hot damn, this guy was like pure fire.

I leaned against the desk as he tried his best not to look me over. I hid my smile as he tried in vain to keep his eyes on mine as I played with the necklace that fell right between my breasts.

“It’s nice to meet you, Melissa,” He said, clearing his throat and tearing his eyes away from my necklace. “I… um, I hear you’re working for us this week while Jane is away.” His eyes met mine and I swear to god there were sparks flying.

‘Fuck me,’ I thought. This temp staffing agency sent me to the best places. This guy was now on my radar and since he was only my boss for one week, there would be no issues with us dating or whatever we wanted to do in just a few short days. I was going to tease him for all I was worth the rest of the week and next weekend, when my contract was up? We were going to have the hottest fucking sex ever.

The doors slid open soundlessly, revealing the complete and utter chaos that I had been sent to fix. “Lovely,” I blurted out as he led me through the doors.

“I know, I’m sorry. If only Jane had been able to stay another week before heading out on her honeymoon. I tried to get her to reschedule, but…” his voice trailed off and I laughed.

“Oh, she didn’t want to deal with this instead of having a romantic get away? I can’t imagine why!” I gave him my best smile once again, “It’s no problem, I’m great at this kind of thing. I’ll check in later when I’ve got some semblance of order here, if that’s all right with you?”

He nodded, gave me a few details and went back to his office.

I worked my ass off all day, commandeered several lackeys from around the office to do the dirty work and made amazing progress in a short time. I headed to Mr. Hallaron’s office before he left for the day, wanting to make sure that he went home with a nice image of me to keep him warm and make sure he didn’t forget about me. Something about that man really had me hot and bothered, even more than normal.

I came into his office without any advance notice and he was sitting at his desk, tie loosened, jacket off, staring at a pile of papers on his desk. He was so absorbed in his work that he didn’t notice me come in until I perched on the edge of his desk, letting my skirt ride up just a little more than was proper.

He glanced up, surprised to see me there. His eyes lit on my leg, the hint of my thigh highs peeking out from beneath my skirt. He swallowed heavily and I felt his gaze on my skin like he was actually touching me. The heat trailed up my skin and I was his fingers twitch. He wanted to touch me like nothing else.

The phone began to ring and he nearly jumped out of his chair. I took the opportunity as it presented itself and leaned over him to answer the phone, making sure my ass was right in his view. My skirt was hiked up so far, I knew he could see the tops of my nylons and probably the curve of my ass as I picked up and said, “Mr. Hallaron’s Office, how may I help you?”

I rested my elbows on the desk in front of him, leaving myself spread out like a buffet for his viewing pleasure. I talked with the person on the other end, took down their information and told them that Mr. Hallaron was in a very important meeting, but he’d get back to them in an hour or so. I hung up and turned, shifting myself until I was sitting on the desk right in front of his chair.

Our eyes met and he smiled. “So, Melissa, I hear we’re having a meeting?”

I spread my legs, placing one high heel on each side of his chair, rolling him closer to me. “Why yes, Mr. Hallaron. I got the chaos taken care of and I needed you to show me what else I might be able to do for you before I go home for the day.”

He looked at me, somewhat incredulous. I couldn’t even believe I was being this forward, but something about him just made me ache with wanting him. He placed his hands on my ankles, sliding them up my calves, his hands feeling amazing through the silk smooth nylons that covered my legs. He was watching me for any reaction, needing the encouragement to keep going.

I knew this was a very dicey situation for him, but damn, I didn’t want to wait even a week to get him in my bed. Still. I was his employee for another 4 days. I leaned forward, gently guiding his hand higher until it reached the bare skin of my inner thigh above the nylons. He groaned like a man in the desert being offered a cool glass of water. I squeezed my thighs together around his hand, “I guess we will have to wait until I no longer work here,”

He sucked in a breath as I spread my legs again, taking his hand and bringing it right up to feel the dampness of my panties, “Should I fire you?” he whispered.

I laughed and stood up in front of him, “No, Mr. Hallaron, you shouldn’t fire me! We just have to take it easy for four more days. We can do anything we want starting on Friday at 5:00 when my time here is up. You can wait for four little, tiny days, can’t you?”

I smoothed my skirt back down around my knees and he looked at me, near panic, “I’m not sure I will get anything else done if I’ve got that image in my head!” he said.

I smiled and tilted his head up, “Well don’t worry, Mr. Hallaron, I’ll be sure to come in every day to see you. You know, to report in on my day. That would be the business like thing to do, right?”

He swallowed again, “Uh, I suppose so.” His fingers twitched again. “Friday at 5:00, you said?”

“Friday at five,” I replied, turning and walking to the door. I glanced over my shoulder to find him staring at my ass, “I’ll see you tomorrow, Mr. Hallaron.”

I couldn’t help but think this was going to be the hottest week of my life.

To Be Continued Tomorrow

This is my 3 Part Weekend Freewrite

If you enjoy erotica, here are some of my more explicit NSFW stories:



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